Leaderboard Summary

tallyED’s Candidate Leaderboard adds a gamification layer to gathering support for your candidate’s campaign and track the results of your efforts. tallyED’s Candidate Leaderboard is an inherently public activity. For transparency, your name and profile picture may be displayed on the candidate’s Leaderboard with a summary of your rank, conversions and tED Score if you are in the top 10. tallyED does not allow the use of pseudonyms or false identities to prevent imposters from abusing our platform to deceive others.

Full details below.

The Leaderboard Process

Once you agree to the terms to join your candidate’s Leaderboard, tallyED will generate your personal link to share via social media, email, or text. Your personal link will direct your invitees to your candidate’s ballot page to vote. To maintain the anonymity of tallyED’s poll results and users, you will not be able to view your individual conversions. A summary of your results will be available on your Leaderboard tab in the Active Leaderboard section.

Your candidate’s Leaderboard will publicly display the top 10 tallyED users’ profile picture, conversion rank, number of conversions, tED Score and rank and tED score.

Changing your vote from your candidate to another candidate in the same race on your tallyED ballot will immediately remove you from your initial candidate’s Leaderboard.

If you would like your Leaderboard information removed for any reason, you can deactivate your Leaderboard at any time and your results can no longer be publicly displayed. Your personal link will also be deactivated.

The day after Election Day, your Leaderboard will transition from an Active Leaderboard to an Archived Leaderboard and be displayed in your Achieved Leaderboards section.

How Are Scores Calculated?

Conversions: The number of new or existing tallyED users who click on your personal link for your candidate and vote for your candidate. New users must activate their account via activation email from tallyED for the conversion to count. Users who have already voted for your candidate will not be counted as a conversion.

tED Score: The score you receive for a conversion based on the voting history of the invitee. tallyED scores each Florida voter based on their personal voting history over the last four state and federal election. The tED Score table is below:

Voter History
New Voter
Registered After Book closing Date of the Last State Election
Did not vote in the Last 4 Elections
Infrequent Voter
Voted in 1 of the Last 4 Elections
Casual Voter
Voted in 2 of the Last 4 Elections
Frequent Voter
Voted in 3 of the Last 4 Elections
Perfect Voter
Voted in 4 of the Last 4 Elections

Why Participate in the Candidate Leaderboard?

tallyED created the Candidate Leaderboard process to incentivize tallyED users to get involved in major races and down-ballot races that can be overlooked by some voters.

The results of state and local elections have significant impacts on our communities and our daily lives. tallyED believes that voters who educate themselves on their local candidates and issues while engaging on tallyED as part of a Leaderboard Campaign are more likely to vote in down-ballot reaces.

tallyED’s #1 priority is to create a more informed electorate, so voters feel more confident about their choices for elected offices.

Can I Join the Leaderboard Later?


If you decide you want to participate later, you can always join the Leaderboard by:

Clicking on any of the Available Leaderboards listed on your Leaderboard tab;

Clicking the Leaderboard button under your candidate’s name on your ballot.